Zian Bio is the one of leading biopharmaceutical companies and is seeking for maintaining best quality through constant technology innovation.

Life-science field on faith and trust is upcoming through constant research and development for the 21st century, Zian Bio is focusing on diverse business fields such as Bio Healthcare, Animal Medicines, Human Medicines, Functional raw materials with those things.

Zian Bio is currently keeping research activities for human intestine health through close technical cooperation with domestic and overseas-specialized research institutes based on many years of experiences and know-how.

Zian Bio is rapidly expanding business range from Bio-Healthcare, Human-Animal Probiotics, Animal Medicines, Human Generics, and Functional raw materials also we're building an animal medicine manufacturing facility with Business partner in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since its establishment, we're keeping expand the business to the new Biopharmaceutical.

In the future, all of our staff will lead the customer satisfaction with the best quality and service for the products. And we promise to give thanks to the all customers.

We will do our best to lead healthy and happy future of the 21st century.

Thank you.

CEO Henry Kim