Supplementary development

Supplementary foods for Diabetes
Supplementary foods for Liver

Immune supplementary foods

Development of Constipation supplementary foods

Preparing Collagen product "Inner beauty up"

Immune booster supplementary foods

Gold Dung: Supplementary for Cow

Production of feed additives to prevent Diarrhea for cow


Patent registration

Applied various governmental affairs to institutes

Completed transferring patent to Zian Bio

ZINOVA TM Brand is released

Signed Investment Contract of EDGC

Trademark of Z:LAC Probiotics Formula in Vietnam completed

Korea Superb Brand Award

Korea Superb Brand Evaluation Award 2019 (ZINOVA Z:LAC Probiotics Formula)

Applied Registration of Zian Lympzol to Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency

Obtained Research Institute by Korea Industrial Technology Association

Research agreement

Signed an exclusive license agreement with GangnungWonju national University for transferring of technology
(Composition for preventing or treating liver disease)

In Discussion for transferring patent to Zian Bio about Liver

In Plan for Chloliver & Anoliver & Zinobetes & ZINOVA Kids and ZINOVA Premium

Applied R & D Center Certificate to KOTIA

Seoul Award

Vietnam trademark registration certification of Z:LAC Probiotics Formula

ZIAN MINE PLUS registration completed

The best product of Seoul Award in 2019

(ZINOVA Z:LAC Probiotics Formula)

Operations in Portugal
Applied Registration and Trademark to Portugal IP institute

Signed MOU of Supplying Goods with Portugal Vendor

Signed Non-exclusive Contract of Patent with FACT


Economy View magazine issued in August (Interview with Zian Bio CEO)

Acquiring governmental affairs to institutes (KISED): Chloliver product
(Composition for the prevention or treatment of liver disease containing chlorella extract)

Published on the article of Money Today newspaper on August, 26


Zian Biopharmaceuticals Ltd

Zian Biopharmaceuticals Ltd has been registered in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Zian Mine Plus Inj.

Applied Registration of Zian Mine Plus to Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency


Export agreement

Signed Export Contract with Shafwa Pharma

Completed Trademark Registration for Z:LAC Probiotics Formula in Korea

Applied Trademark Registration to Vietnam IP Institute

Entering Chinese market

Signed Supplying Contract with Chinese buyer

Local marketing

Signed Supplying Contract with Korean Local Buyers

Certified Bio Venture Corporation from Governmental Authorization


Signed OEM/ODM Contract with Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Import agreement

Signed Import Contract with Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Certification from KHSA

Applied Sales Business of Health Functional Food to KHSA

Certified Research and Development Department

Certified An Online Marketing Business

Z:LAC Probiotics

Z:LAC Probiotics Formula released

Applied Trademark Registration to IP Institute



Established Zian Bio Co.,Ltd.

Completed the Education of Health Functional Foods and Certified Sales Business of Imported Foods


Agreement with Researchers for Atopic